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Diabetes is one of the largest global health emergencies of the 21st century. In 2019, 463 million adults globally had diabetes and the number of people living with diabetes is expected to rise to 578 million by 2030. The rapid growth of diabetes places a significant strain on national healthcare systems, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. To cope, countries need to build capacity. This includes improving the skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals to help improve care for people living with diabetes.

Mission and vision

The IDF School of Diabetes delivers high quality, evidence-based diabetes education to healthcare professionals and caregivers worldwide, providing innovative education programmes targeting those who are engaged in diabetes management and care. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is committed to facilitating opportunities for diabetes education, to:

Enhance the development of a global health workforce prepared to meet the needs of people with diabetes. Meet the global demand for effective diabetes detection, prevention, quality care, and treatment strategies. Create a dynamic community of diabetes professionals interested in improving their clinical practice and learning from other professionals around the globe.
Strong commitment to high standard education

IDF has always placed particular emphasis on developing accessible, evidence-based educational resources for healthcare professionals, people living with diabetes and caregivers. In 2016, under the Presidency of the late Dr Shaukat Sadikot, the IDF School of Diabetes was developed with the clear objective of enabling professionals from across the world to enhance their skills and provide better diabetes care.

Education without barriers

IDF School of Diabetes’ unique structure, with a mix of free and paid access courses, means there are no barriers to participation, bringing training across all regions, and more importantly, making high standard, evidence-based education accessible in low and middle-income countries and remote and rural areas.

The IDF School of Diabetes is committed to supporting national efforts to build healthcare workforce capacity by collaborating with national health authorities in the development of courses for healthcare professionals. In 2019, the first collaboration took place in Kenya and involved 2000 medical and clinical officers.

More health professionals choosing the School

Online professional learning has shown a significant growth over the past years with more individuals having access to internet, opening the door to online education. Health professionals across the world are putting their trust in the IDF School of Diabetes as a means to enhance their knowledge and skills to provide better diabetes care for people living with the condition and those at risk.

With the number of users doubling each year, the IDF School of Diabetes has become a credible and authoritative diabetes educational source for health professionals worldwide.

Our Global Community
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Top 3 Professionals Engaged

In memory of Dr Shaukat Sadikot (1950-2019)

In memory of Dr Shaukat Sadikot

Late Dr. Shaukat Sadikot announcing the vision of the IDF School of Diabetes at the IDF Vancouver Congress, in December 2015.

Dr. Shaukat Sadikot dedicated his life to serving the needs of health professionals and people with diabetes in underserved communities.

As a renowned global expert in endocrinology for over 30 years, Dr. Sadikot was closely associated with the activities of IDF for many years and was elected to the role of President-Elect in 2013. He subsequently served as President of the Federation for the period 2016-2017.

A true icon of the diabetes world, he encouraged and fostered local and national initiatives to improve diabetes education. Dr. Sadikot was actively involved with the cause of diabetes and associated metabolic disorders in India, regionally and internationally for over 30 years. He worked as a Consultant in Endocrinology at the Jaslok Hospital and Research Center, Mumbai and served as President of Diabetes India for many years. Dr. Sadikot was instrumental in conducting the first nationwide survey on the prevalence of diabetes in India.

During his tenure as IDF President, Dr. Sadikot oversaw the launch of the IDF School of Diabetes, the Federation's flagship programme in support of online health professional education.

Governance structure

IDF Board of Directors
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Prof Akhtar Hussain



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Prof Peter Schwarz



idf author
Prof Jacko Obodo

Regional Chair, Africa

Côte d'Ivoire

idf author
Prof Nebojsa Lalic

Regional Chair, Europe


idf author
Prof Mohamad Sandid

Regional Chair, Middle-East and North-Africa


idf author
Dr Reginald O'Loughlin

Regional Chair, North America and Carribean

St Kitts

idf author
Prof Fadlo Fraige

Regional Chair, South and Central America


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Prof A.K. Azad Khan

Regional Chair, South-East Asia


idf author
Dr Takashi Kadowaki

Regional Chair, Western Pacific


IDF Education Committee
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Prof Akhtar Hussain, Chair


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Dr Iryna Vlasenko


idf author
Ms Ana Fernanda Sanchez


idf author
Prof A.K. Azad Khan


idf author
Dr Reginald O'Loughlin

St Kitts

idf author
Prof Jacko Obodo

Côte d'Ivoire

Technical & Operational Leads
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Phil Riley

Campaign Director

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Sameer Pathan

Senior Manager, Education Programmes


idf author
Livia Papp

Partnership Manager

idf author
Xangô Bimont

Education Officer Consultant


idf author
Lina Xue

Medical Education Consultant

Communications Team
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Lorenzo Piemonte

Senior Communications Manager

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Margaux Ysebaert

Communications Coordinator

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Justine Evans

Content Editor

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Manon Pichard

Communications Assistant

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